In the past two years I have fallen in love with natural dyeing. The method is pretty simple and although it might seem intimidating it’s pretty hard to mess it up! I used a few of my dyeing skills to make an impact ful DIY natural dye hoop art that is perfect for a colourful touch in any home.

Because embroidery hoops come in so many sizes you can really make this as big or a small as you’d like. I wanted to go for maximum impact so I used a 14″ hoop!


First step is to fill your pot with water and bring it to a boil. You really don’t need very much water because if you do what I did you will just dip it partway in the water. I had about 4 inches of water in my pot!

While the water is getting hot, two pieces of fabric. one that was about 20″x20″ and another that was about 15″x15″ so that I could add some layers and dimension to my wall hanging. After cutting them rinse them so they are damp.

Hopefully your water is now boiling! Now you will put 1 table spoon of your madder root powder in the water and make sure it is mostly dissolved. After you feel it has dissolved, put your cloth in the water.

I just put half in and left the remainder hanging over the side of your pot. If you’re going to do this too make sure your stove is off!

Leave them in until the desired colour is reached. Mine stayed in for about an hour! After about two hours it likely won’t get much darker.  Rinse out the excess powder until the water runs clear.

After it was pretty dry, I used my embroidery hoop out to get a rough of the circle.

At this point I then just the larger piece straight down one side. There should be enough fabric left over from your large circle.

Now your smaller piece in half. This is obviously all up to you. Get creative! I just laid out pieces where I thought they looked nice. Depending on you your dye comes out you might want to do things a little differently.

Once you have a pattern you really like you are going to use fusible spray to iron the pieces where you like them.

Place outside embroidery hoop piece over the fabric so it stays in place. I like to keep it kind of loose while I pull the fabric tight in the hoop. Flip the hoop over and trim the edges as close to the hoop as possible. Then your DIY natural dye hoop art is done!

I am loving having a big statement piece in my house. I don’t have much colour going on so this has been a nice pop of colour. Or if your house is already super colorful this would be a fun addition! This is awesome craft you can make at your home in free time.