I love crafting with children. It is something that I enjoy doing and all the kids in my life know that if they want to get creative, they can call me. Sometimes we do something really simple, and other times we do something that people can’t believe children made. One example is the printmaking tutorial I shared. This glue resist fabric painting (using a technique called batik) is another one.  In this tutorial I will teach you how to batik with glue and make a fun tote bag. The final project looks really neat and the kids will enjoy showing it off or gifting it to family and friends, who will cherish it for years to come!

The best thing about this project is that learning how to batik with glue is very simple and uses basic art supplies plus any type of cotton fabric. We decided to paint a couple of totes which I keep in my car to use when out and about shopping. Follow along as my 8 year old daughter and I show you how to make some fun canvas totes!


If you prefer a video tutorial Lay your fabric tote flat. Plan out what the design will be that you are creating. My daughter decided to put her design within a rectangle inside she created a garden of flowers. Using white school glue squeeze out a thin line drawing your design as you would with a pencil. Make sure to keep your wrist off the surface so that you don’t smear any glue.

Once the design is done set it aside to dry completely. This can take just a few minutes up to an hour depending how thick the glue was applied.

Once the glue is completely dry it is time to start painting! Place a sheet of paper inside the tote to prevent any paint from bleeding through. Using acrylic, paint on your design. Make sure to go right up to or over the glue. Remember where the glue is now will be a white line – so think of it as the outline of your design.

Once you’ve completed painting the design, set it aside to dry completely.

Once the paint has dried it is time to remove the glue. The easiest way to do this is to fill a sink with a few inches of warm water (the hotter, the better).

Rub at the glue, using your nail on stubborn portions. You’ll soon reveal the white outlines – watch with amazement as the design comes to life!

Once the glue has been removed, set aside to dry one last time.

That’s it, now you can enjoy your new tote! We hop you and your kids enjoyed learning how to batik with glue. Now start thinking of other fabric pieces you can try this technique on! Kids might also like to try out using potato stamps to paint tote bags with. They’ll get a kick out of this fun technique.

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