Learn how to easily make your own stylish and Eco-friendly reusable bag to take shopping carry groceries and more! This DIY bag features a cute hand-drawn floral globe design and you can download the free globe svg file to make your own!

Lately I have been trying to make daily choices that are better for the environment. Part of that process is making sure that I have plenty of reusable bags to avoid using plastic bags. And if I’m using reusable shopping bags they might as well be cute too right.

The Eco Cotton Tote Bags are perfect for making your own custom reusable bags because they are made from 100% cotton and can be washed and used over and over again. I created a little hand-drawn floral globe design to decorate my bag. I think it represents showing love for our planet and keeping it beautiful.


Step One – Design from Heat Transfer Vinyl.

I love creating with heat transfer vinyl and I use it all the time. It is a great way to create custom functional items and it’s really easy to work with. If you are new to working with heat transfer vinyl then you may want to check out my beginner’s guide to iron on vinyl projects here.

The first step to creating your own eco-friendly reusable bag is opening up the file from the supply list above in your cutting machine software.

Next, scale the design to fit on your tote bag, mirror the design, choose the iron on or heat transfer vinyl settings in your software and then send it to your machine.

Step 2. Weed Out Excess Vinyl

Once your design has, grab your weeding hook (or a straight pin or pair of tweezers work well too) and remove the excess vinyl from around the design.

Be sure to remove all of the little pieces from within the flower petals and leaves. Looking at the design on your computer can help you make sure you get all of the extra vinyl off the plastic carrier sheet.

Step 3. Iron On the Design

Finally it’s time to apply the vinyl design to your tote bag. First position the design onto the bag and then iron it on! Follow the application instructions included with your vinyl. Iron on the cotton setting and apply downward pressure for about 10 seconds over each portion of the design.

When the design has adhered to the bag you can remove the plastic carrier sheet. If you need to iron over the design after removing the plastic sheet be sure to cover the design with parchment paper first. Don’t ever apply your iron directly to the vinyl because it will melt.

When the vinyl has been applied, your bag is all done and ready to take shopping! Isn’t it cute? I am so happy with the way it came out. I hope you will use the design to make your own reusable tote bag!

Alexis Middleton is a lifelong crater/DIYer at Persia Lou. She started crafting at a young age. As a girl she spent summers with her grand mother crocheting baby doll afghans making coasters out of plastic canvas and yarn, and canning apricot jam. Today, Alexis spends a lot of time dreaming up and working on projects for her family’s home. She loves mixing traditional crafting techniques with a more modern aesthetic.