Looking for a quick summer project. I’ve got you covered with this easy Anthro-inspired bandana DIY bracelet!

I don’t know about you but getting bogged down with an intense craft project is not my main focus this summer season, I live in Seattle the winters are brutal but the summers are a dream. Needless to say it’s finally sunny and the weather is currently ON POINT so I’m all about playing and less crafting. BUT that’s right I didn’t come here today to talk about my vacay plans I am here to talk DIY.

Crafting is my love language. So when I spotted the most amazing bandana bracelet at my local Anthropologie, it was love at first sight! I knew I had to make it with you today because I need one in my life! If you saw me that one fine day you would have seen a huge light bulb above my head that’s how much this project was “meant to be”. It’s perfect for summer AND for those people who “profess the DIY-less skills”, yep, they can make this too! So let’s get started.



Step 1. bandana in half diagonally right through the center. Don’t freak out if it’s not perfect. SERIOUSLY, no ruler required or stress for the perfect line.

Step 2. Then fold the corners of the bandana into the center corner so that the edges meet together in the middle as seen in the picture below. It will be square shaped. Folding it this way will keep the frayed edges inside so you do not need to finish it with a sewing machine.

Step 3. Fold that square in half along the lines this will leave you a triangle. As seen in the photo below.

Step 4. Then fold the bandana into thirds. I feel like this folding part is the trickiest part of this project but don’t worry folding is more housework and less craft skills so you still got this!

Step 5. Finally, once you have the bandana folded like so, you will need to attach the rhinestone piece. Using one of your pliers to remove the the extra loops from the pendant, secure your rhinestone pendant in place with a needle and thread. No fancy stitches here friends, just enough to get that sucker in place! I went through all the layers as I tacked the rhinestone into place. To finish off your bandana DIY bracelet, clip off the loose thread from your needle.

Step 6. Final step? Wear it! This length is long enough to tie once onto your wrist. I LOVE IT.

This easy Anthro-inspired bandana DIY bracelet is easy to whip together and won’t interfere with your summer plans because it takes less than 5 minutes to make AND the cost to make is fractions less of the regular price. So you can look fabulous the rest of the summer AND make a few more for the price that would cost you to buy ONE at Anthropologie. Thanks for stopping by and I’m so excited to hang out with you more later this month with an awesome new tutorial!